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Where do I find your chargers?

We are expanding our network continously. Please see our map to find the nearest station.

Other chargers are also available from Clever and E.ON. Please note that not all of these chargers will be ultra-fast chargers (150 kW+).

For the Norwegian E.ON network, please visit

For the Swedish E.ON network, please visit

For the Danish E.ON network, please visit

For the Clever network, please visit

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What type of plugs do you support?

All our stations are equipped with both CCS and CHAdeMO cables.Type 2 CCS and CHAdeMO plugs

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How do I charge?

First, you need to plug in the correct cable into the car. When the connection is successfull, you are able to authenticate the session.

You are able to authenticate using different methods:


Use your RFID chip from Clever or E.ON to start charging. Please consult with either Clever or E.ON to see if charging at our stations is a part of your agreement with either one

RFID from another EMP (E-mobility provider) than Clever or E.ON:

We are connected to the Hubject platform, where EMP’s from around the world are able to set up access to charging infrastructure. Please consult your EMP to see if they are connected to our network


You are able to start the charging session via the Easypark app


Use your credit card to start a charging session

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Can I charge my EV, if I’m not a customer of E.ON or Clever?

Yes, and you are more than welcome at your chargers. You are able to pay for the amount of kWh you charge, using the Easypark app or credit card.

Furthermore, we are connected to the Hubject platform, which allows other e-mobility service providers and charge point operators to expand their existing network with our chargers. Check your own service provider to see if our chargers are part of their network.

Payment using contactless debit/credit cards is in an implementation process for some of our chargers. Please use the EasyPark app for charging if the charger is not supported yet.

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How fast are your chargers – at what power do they charge?

The CCS plugs are able to charge with 150 kW.

The CHAdeMO plugs are able to charge with 70 kW.

At our Alpitronic chargers, one plug is able to use the full capacity of the charger, if another plug is not being used. Therefore, you are able to charge with up to 300 kW with the CCS plug at our Alpitronic chargers.

This function is also being implemented in our ABB hardware in the near future.

Please do keep in mind, that the charging speed is dependent on the capabilities of the car and it's battery. When charging, the car communicates to the charger, how much power it is able to recieve. The charger will supply this amount, unless it is above the limits described above. 

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Clever and E.ON customers

If you are a customer of either Clever or E.ON, it might be a part of your agreement, but we kindly ask you to consult with with either one in regards to charging at our ultra-fast charging stations.

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Credit card customers

If you are using a credit card to start charging, the prices are as follows:

DENMARK:    5,00 DKK/kWh

SWEDEN:      6,00 SEK/kWh

NORWAY:      6,00 NOK/kWh

All prices include local VAT

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EasyPark customers

If you start your charging session using EasyPark, the prices are as follows:

DENMARK:    5,00 DKK/kWh + EasyPark fee

SWEDEN:      6,00 SEK/kWh + EasyPark fee

NORWAY:      6,00 NOK/kWh + EasyPark fee

All prices include local VAT

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Customers using another EMP (e-mobility provider) than Clever or E.ON

We are connected to the Hubject platform, where EMP’s from around the world are able to set up access to charging infrastructure. Please consult your EMP for pricing and to see if they are connected to our network.

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Why does a kWh cost more to charge at your charger than I pay for a kWh at home?

At Powered by E.ON Drive & Clever we offer a service you will not find at home. Our ultra-fast chargers can charge your EV much faster, than if you would charge at home or at other lower power chargers. Thus, we provide a service and comfort when you are travelling on longer distances.
Further, the price represents the costs of building and operating the chargers.

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How do I get a receipt of my transaction when I pay using contactless card?

If you charged on an Alpitronic HYC-300 (example below):

  • Specify where you charged.
  • Insert how much you paid in the local currency.
  • Insert the last four digits of your payment card.

Use one of the following links depending on the country which you have charged.




If you didn't use an Alpitronic charger, or the link didn't work:

To help us generate a receipt for your charging session, please remember to note down:

  • Charger-ID
  • Charging location
  • Amount paid in local currency
  • Last four digits of your credit card
  • Date and time of your charging session

Once you have this information, send it to, and we'll take care of the rest. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Why is there 350 DKK / 250 SEK / 400 NOK being blocked on my contactless card?

This only applies to transactions paid using contactless card. At the beginning of every transaction, an amount is blocked on the card. The amount is equivalent of the maximum amount available to be paid in a contactless transaction. This is around 350 DKK / 250 SEK / 400 NOK.
At the end of every transaction, the real amount is compared to the reserved amount, and of course only the real amount is paid in the end.

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Why is my transaction stopped when paying using my contactless card?

This only applies to transactions paid using contactless card. When the charged amount equals the reserved amount on the credit card, the transaction will stop. To charge more, you will need to start a new transaction.

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I have a contactless payment card, but I’m asked to provide a pin code. What do I do?

Sometimes, a cardholder needs to authenticate by making a purchase using the pin code. Because of this, the cardholder must find a place nearby to complete such a transaction. After that, the transaction at the charger should be able to proceed.

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Who are you? Clever or E.ON.. or?

We are our own independent entity. The company is a joint-venture between Clever A/S and E.ON Drive GmbH. Both companies' customers are able to use the chargers, and we can already say, that customers from both EMP's like our chargers. The company was founded to install ultra-fast chargers across Scandinavia in order to create a Scandinavian network. We are rapidly expanding, and are exited that you are following our progress.

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What do you do?

We are installing and operating ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles across Scandinavia. On our network, you will be able to travel from Denmark, through Sweden and all the way to Trondheim in Norway.

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What is the idea behind the architect designed roofs and covers you can find at some of the Powered by E.ON Drive & Clever chargers?

The design provides the opportunity to take a practical and meaningful break in nice and quiet surroundings. Further, it provides shelter from rain and visibility of our charges, so you easily can find the charger next time you need it.

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Why is some of your roofs different, and why isn’t there roofs at all stations?

We are piloting different designs and assessing the sustainability of having a roof on sites on a case by case basis. This is due to there being additional challenges with having a roof at the stations such as receiving the required approval from different stakeholders, adequate soil conditions and adequate space available on site.

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How do i get in contact with further questions?

Please consult our hotline at:

DENMARK:  +45 53 53 56 36

SWEDEN:    +46 842 002 510

NORWAY:    +47 23 00 95 00


Otherwise, you are welcome to write us at

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